About our candles

Our manufacturing process and products are conceived to limit waste. We work with glass, tin, and ceramic vessels - all of which can be reused and repurposed: Pencil holder, planter, bathroom organizer, the possibilities are endless! The glass vessels and boxes can be recycled.

We do not use any plastic when shipping our products – only cardboard boxes packed with kraft paper and cellulose wadding as dunnage. Our international logistics center reuses anything they can, from the cardboard boxes to the dunnage. All of these materials are recyclable and/or biodegradable. If you ever find plastic within your shipment (bubble wrap, air pillows, etc.), these have been reused from shipments we received in our studio from another supplier. We would prefer to reuse it than to throw it away.

Our candles are made with 100% soy wax. Many candles on the market are made with paraffin wax - paraffin wax is a petroleum by-product, which is an unsustainable, non-renewable resource and one of the main reasons for climate change. The soy wax we use comes from sustainably grown soybeans. Using soy wax means that our candles have a cleaner, longer- lasting burn, due to the fact that soy burns at a cooler temperature. Furthermore, studies have also shown that paraffin wax candles may emit toxic fumes when burning, while soy wax is non-toxic, biodegradable and contains only vegetable based ingredients. Soy wax is better for you, your loved ones, and the environment.

The brand of wax we use is a natural plant based wax that is GMO FREE and contains NO paraffin, NO unnatural additives and is also VEGAN and KOSHER. It is also considered to give the best scent throw.

We collaborate with multiple high-end fragrance houses based around the workd to create our fragrances. Our fragrance oils are derived from both natural and high quality synthetic ingredients. We do our best to make sure that the mix of ingredients is just right, so the scent is enjoyable but not hazardous to your health. We source only phthalate-free fragrance oils, which means they are non-toxic to burn. Research has shown that phthalates may be harmful to one's health and may cause birth defects. 

While our candles, room mists, and reed diffusers incorporate synthetic fragrance blends, they remain non-toxic. The reality is that working with certain natural fragrances and essential oils can be an unsustainable practice, due to the large quantity of material needed to produce a small amount of fragrance. For example, it takes about 8,000 roses to make 5 milliliters of rose essential oil. 

While candles containing lead wicks were prohibited from sale or supply in New Zealand in 2022 we fear there are still some out there.
We use 2 types of wicks, Cotton Wicks & Wooden Wicks.
Our cotton wicks feature a paper braid style designed to ‘self trim’ by bending at the tip while burning, they are all natural and are Zinc and Lead free. 
Our Wood Wicks are all natural and made from native, sappy fruit trees and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified mills and manufactured with pride.